Coolpo AI Huddle PANA video conferencing solution serves schools around the wolrd, hear from them, not just us.

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- M.Shorter
Education Technology Specialist

"I feel that Coolpo has been an excellent new teaching tool for implementing
hyflex learning with my 10th Grade English class. It allows the students that are
attending virtually to feel more like they are in the classroom and it helps me provide a
stronger sense of community in the classroom. Coolpo has changed the way I teach for
the better. It allows me to move about the classroom the way that I would if we were
fully on campus and better supervise or monitor what the students in the physical
classroom are doing i.e., what is on their laptop screens. Coolpo is very comfortable to
work with and easy to use. It is plug and play which is especially helpful to those of us
that are “traveling” teachers because all I need to do to set up for class is connect it to
my laptop in whatever classroom I am teaching in. The students initially thought it was a
bit odd with respect to what they saw on their screens and how the focus would shift
to whomever was talking but they have gotten used to it now and I think it does help
them feel more connected to their classmates.


 Crespi Carmelite HIgh School