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The Benefits of Working From Home: You Won't Believe What Happens To Your Health!

Working from home with a conference room camera is not just a great way to save money on commuting and put in more productive hours, but it also has several other benefits that impact your health.

According to a recent study, employees who work from home have greater productivity, less stress, fewer interruptions, and an overall better work-life balance compared to those who commute to the office every day. And we all know how much that improves our quality of life as well as our health!

Working from home is also a great way for introverts or people with social anxiety to flourish. Using a conference room camera is less stressful than being face to face. It’s easier for them to avoid negative peer pressure and get more alone time in their own office than in an open-plan office. If you’re an introvert—or just someone who prefers privacy when working—then read on for these benefits of working from home:

You’ll have more time to exercise

If you choose to work from home, this means you will save a lot of time. Because you don't have to take transportation to the office and you don't have to think about the morning rush or evening rush congestion. This saved time can be used to exercise, although the average time is not long, over time, will help you to improve your health. And you can be more reasonable in accordance with their preferred way to arrange the work time, which will also make your work more efficient, and faster to complete the work will also provide you with time to exercise, in these free time you can choose to go for a walk or do yoga exercise at home. Make sure your conference room camera has privacy features to ensure no unwanted video feeds are created without you knowing!

You’ll breathe cleaner air and reduce your stress

Breathing polluted air can cause a number of problems, from respiratory health issues to stress and anxiety. That’s because pollutants in the air can be deposited deep inside your lungs, causing inflammation and other symptoms. Polluted air also raises levels of stress hormones, which impact our ability to relax and sleep. This can lead to a cycle of poor sleep leading to more stress and more poor sleep. By reducing exposure to pollution, you can lower your risk of these conditions while improving your overall health. In addition to reducing pollution indoors, you should take extra steps to minimize exposure outside. For example, you should avoid burning trash when possible and wear a mask when gardening or working with plants. And by working from home, you can reduce your exposure to the polluted air, which will greatly benefit your health. Moreover, having a conference room camera in your home lessens your carbon footprint and helps you promote cleaner air for all!

Working from home increases productivity

Working from home gives you the flexibility to work when you’re most productive and take regular breaks to recharge. It also gives you the opportunity to interact with the people around you and interact with your family. Working from home can also increase your productivity. You can be more focused when working if you know that interruption by others isn’t likely. You won’t be interrupted by phone calls, e-mails, or texts. And if you need to create a document, it will be easier since you don’t have to leave your desk to print out a file.

And finally, working from home can increase your productivity because it allows you to set your own schedule. You can work when it’s convenient for you instead of having someone schedule your time for you. By setting your own schedule and working in a flexible way, you are more likely to get things done on time. You'll also feel less stressed because there's less pressure on you to finish everything at once. Make sure though that you are available and on time on agreed-upon office schedules. Remote work is no excuse to be lazy! Turn on your conference room camera to join online meetings and stay productive at home.

It can help you manage your depression or anxiety

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common mental health conditions that people struggle with. They can be incredibly debilitating, both taking a toll on your physical health and interfering with your daily life. For many people, the symptoms of depression and anxiety begin to emerge in adolescence or early adulthood. This can make it difficult to recognize the condition’s onset and take action before it reaches a point of no return.

One of the best ways to combat depression and anxiety is through exercise. Research shows that there is a strong link between depression and low levels of physical activity. Regular physical activity can reduce levels of stress hormones in your blood, helping to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. It can also help improve your mood by increasing levels of endorphins in your brain. By engaging in regular exercise, you can help boost your mood, creating a sense of well-being that can last for hours after you’ve finished working out.

Therefore, working from home is a great way to help you to manage your depression and anxiety, for it will provide you with more time to exercise. And to have a better working experience at home, you can’t do without a good conference room camera!

Your Best Choice for Video Conferencing Devices

Coolpo AI Huddle Pana is an all-in-one 360 conference room camera developed by Coolpo company that aims at providing a perfect video conferencing experience for its customers!

Coolpo AI Huddle Pana is an all-in-one conference room camera that has been featured in different exhibits and media. It is ideally placed at the center of the conference table or at the middle of the room. The Pana has AI features that help in creating immersive meeting experiences. It boasts plug-and-play technology so if you’re in a hurry to start a meeting, you can definitely use the Pana on the go! However, if you wish to upgrade the firmware you can download CoolpoTools to avail of the following special features:

  • Reduce the number of frames featured in your video feed

  • Enable Automode

  • Enable/disable the 360-panorama at the bottom

  • customize individual frames to focus on specific parts of the room

  • block some parts of your room so that the AI will not pick them up (not applicable to the panorama strip)

If you are considering working from home, then you must buy this product. It will help you a lot when you want to communicate with your customers or colleagues.


In the wake of the pneumonia epidemic, working from home has become increasingly common, and in the process, people have come to appreciate the advantages of working from home. Working efficiency and freedom have been greatly enhanced, at the same time, but also conducive to people's health. And if you want to ensure the smooth running of the home office, a good conference room camera is essential.

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