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Should you buy an expensive video conferencing system?

Companies might find it difficult whether to choose professional-grade packages over budget-friendly costs when it comes to Video Conferencing (VC) solutions. VCs have become especially in-demand these days with the advent of remote and hybrid working. A few years ago, who would have thought that taking business trips for meetings, conferences, events, and even classes would become sort of an ‘outdated’ mode of communicating. Not that they are completely outdated now, VC has just become more of a necessity. Companies who are happy to spend thousands of dollars on intricate VC systems and solutions would say they are getting their money's worth. But what if you could get similar results without having to exhaust so much cash?

Let us discover the benefits of expensive VC solutions, how all VC equipment is intrinsically similar, and some cost-saving options that will give better than great results!

Why do Big Companies choose expensive, professional video conferencing solutions

Corporations usually want affordable subscriptions that include hardware, software, and support as a package. It allows them to equip all their offices or big conference rooms and choose which products to purchase. Instead of immediately assigning this huge disbursement to operating expenses, corporates can classify them as assets, and enjoy the depreciation expense of about three years or so. Business talk aside, companies are being offered low monthly premium payments for these VC basics, which, of course, they can choose to pay annually, quarterly, or monthly. This offer is attractive because:

  1. You get premium-grade hardware and software from the popular brands

  2. Convenient payment scheme, according to your capacity or preference

  3. You get the device and full device features because of your monthly ‘subscription’

  4. Warranty and support comes along in these types of packages, usually

Disadvantages of ALL Video Conferencing options

May it be costly or inexpensive VC options, they all essentially have one goal: to provide VC solutions to companies so they can collaborate from anywhere in the world. Being fundamentally the same, all types of VC solutions experience the same handicaps:

VC solutions ALL lack personal interaction

Nothing beats face-to-face interactions. Non-verbal communication in a gathering tells you a lot about the ongoing negotiations, meetings, or conferences. In business, a firm handshake may be construed as confidence, eye contact may convey several meanings, being able to stroll around the presentation area allows you to gauge your audience better, and the list goes on. Important negotiations are better set in a traditional face-to-face meeting. You will be able to convince people better, it is quicker and more effective, and allows you to build stronger connections. Moreover, in-person meetings have less technical trouble and do not malfunction when everybody is speaking at once (i.e., in a heated conversation, or group dynamics building).

ALL VCs experience technical problems

Expensive VC systems, budget-friendly VC equipment, and everything in between all experience technical difficulty within their useful lives. This is the reason why most expensive VC hardware/service providers include support in their offered packages. Time lag, for example, is inevitable even with the perfect connection. Further, glitches in the software are always to be expected no matter what system is used. Difficulties in setting up, joining the meeting, or accessing other features of the software may arise during VCs. Expensive systems can be taken care of by a company's in-house IT team and then escalated to the company support if unresolved. However, small companies only have their ordinary employees troubleshoot VC equipment. It can cost the company resources (man-hours, billable hours, logistics) if the equipment is too intricate to handle on one's own.

Costs of Setup and Employee Training

The more complicated the system is or the more components there are to install, the more expensive the VC system can be. Setup costs and preparing the conference rooms are sometimes a one-time expense at the beginning of the subscription that can cost as much as half the system itself. Training hours cost the company in that they are not directly attributable to the ordinary course of business and may take up precious work hours. Moreover, both your IT teams and hands-on employees all need to undergo training or orientation on how to properly set up, use, and troubleshoot the device and its several components.

Since all VCs experience similar difficulties, why not consider a more budget-friendly solution?

All-in-One VC Solution

But, to use VC for your business, all you need is a reliable internet connection and a dependable product that allows you and your audience to see all and hear all. Some cost-effective VC solutions offer you a 360° horizontal view of the room. The Coolpo AI Huddle Pana is an all-in-one VC solution that is simply placed in the middle of your conference table plugged into your laptop and power source, and it's ready to go. To use its default settings, there's no need for you to download additional drivers. Furthermore, for those tech-savvy users who wish to configure their video settings, a separate program, the CoolpoTools, is available for free download here. You will not need to cash out thousands of dollars just to have a complete VC setup because the Pana contains:

  • Smart Self-adaptive HD Camera

  • 4K video capabilities

  • 360° horizontal view and 60° vertical view

  • Self-controlled pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ)

  • 360° speaker

  • 4 smart microphones with up to 15 feet pickup (in all directions)

  • Whiteboard features

Having high-end VC systems does not automatically promise effective and reliable solutions. Sometimes, having less is more! Aside from saving your limited office space and having fewer cables in general, the Pana is considered to be user-friendly and pleasant to use. You can never go wrong with a single quality product that offers all the basic features at an affordable price!

Visit the Coolpo website at or contact us here to learn more.

Even if your company can afford complicated VC systems, why spend thousands of dollars when there are better solutions out there? They all have glitches here and there, they all have customer support, and they all have warranties. The most economical solution is not always the worst option. Sometimes great products come in small (complete) packages that will not cost you thousands of dollars. Moreover, if you prefer low-maintenance, intelligent, high-performance VC products, then Coolpo AI Huddle Pana is for you!

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