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Infocomm 2022: Meet the Coolpo AI Huddle Series

Coolpo AI Huddle Series to be showcased at Infocomm 2022. Coolpo, a company that has been designing and engineering communications devices, will return to Infocomm this year! The company will showcase its AI-based meeting devices at the upcoming Infocomm 2022 event. This year's theme is "The Future of Connectivity" and their product line shows off the future of connectivity with their Coolpo AI Huddle Series.

The Coolpo AI Huddle Series Consists of two products: the flagship product Coolpo AI Huddle Pana is an all-in-one video conference device with a fisheye camera, 4 smart microphones, and a speaker. It’s AI capabilities are tied to a dual positioning technology that locates active meeting participants through voice and visuals.

The company is also introducing the Coolpo AI Huddle Mini, a compact camera that recognizes gestures from among the on-site participants. This dedicated gesture turns them into instant presenters. They may move around the room and still be the sole focus of the Mini. Simply repeat the gesture to return to a dynamic Group framing feature that perfectly displays everyone in the room.

Infocomm 2022 will be held at the North and new West Halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center from June 4 to 10, 2022. Each hall you can visit will have distinct pro-AV solution areas, unique experiences, and education sessions. Come visit Coolpo at Booth W1869, West Hall, Exhibit Hall.

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