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Hybrid Work Tech for 2022: How to Upgrade your Office Tech before they Update their Resume

Hybrid work is here to stay but don’t make that an excuse to retain your office tech you’ve been using since 2020. Because many of our technology these days are leftovers from pre-COVID times, offices are looking to keep up with the trends and different needs of their employees.

The “Great Resignation” has asked of companies many changes in schedules, predilections, and tools. Employees have increasingly preferred remote work or work from anywhere “WFA”. These days, most of us have already heard of Hybrid work, Zoom, Video Conference, and remote collaboration. To keep with the times, changes had to be imposed. Many of these changes involved moving work from the office to homes. To keep economies, many tech had to be refurbished for use for a different setting and different scenarios. However, to move forward, technology needs to also keep up with the trend. Read on to find out more about Hybrid Work Tech all of us can use for 2022!

Occupancy and environment detection

AI in devices these days are now able to detect which rooms and spaces are available for use. Be it an entire room or a couch, you can program them to allow employees to schedule or book the space they wish to use for a time. Moreover, detection technology can display important environmental information that will be useful for your employees when they are not working at home. It could tell those data about the room including temperature, the number of people, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, etc. Hybrid workers can know which part of the office they can use or if the room is overcrowded already. It partly takes away the strain of managing the hybrid office.

Sound-proof cubes

Teleconferencing, video conferencing, leaving asynchronous videos or audio messages, and sending audible comments to collaboration spaces are among the trends that are catching up to us. Many times, an employee in the office needs a quiet space to be the remote participant in hybrid meetings with other companies or with other remote locations. Stepping out of the office to look for a quiet place talk to a client over the phone would be counterproductive when you’re already in it. Meeting rooms are not always available and are designed for multiple participants at a time. Phone booth type rooms are perfect for these scenarios especially when they are equipped properly. These booths can be equipped with a video conferencing device to maximize its use. People can take calls, record audio, and focus on their task at hand without the bustle of the office.

Flexible Workplaces

As we mentioned, hybrid work is here to stay. Workers must equally be comfortable in working at home and at the office. Flexible workplaces involve flexible workspaces. Clean spaces for employees to work on-site when they are not working remotely must always be available. It would be a waste of office space however if these spaces were empty the rest of the time they are working at home. It would save the company real estate if the schedule allowed these spaces to be shared. New hybrid workspaces must have everything each employee needs without having to physically transfer much of the work stations at home. Charging ports, communications tech, cloud-based storage, and ergonomic furniture (and gadgets) to make working away from home less undesirable.

Advanced Portable Meeting Devices

Meetings these days can be as fast as five minutes and as long as a lifetime (it may seem). Since hybrid work also means hybrid meetings and being on-the-go, our meeting tech should also be as flexible. Huddle rooms and small offices do not have to invest on permanent video conferencing systems that become part of the room. Portable all-in-one devices that look good anywhere are available for that. Coolpo AI Huddle Pana, is an All-in-One Video conferencing device that has innovations such as a 360° camera and speakers, 4 smart microphones that is light enough to be brought from one place to another. Its plug-and-play feature allows users to easily maneuver the Pana. Its design also makes it a perfect addition to your meeting room if you wish to keep it there indefinitely.


Implementing the hybrid work model involves work. Management needs to find the perfect balance that will help retain talented employees but at the same time keep productivity and economies at top working condition. What employees loved most about remote work was the flexibility and comfort that came with working from their homes. Others have gone as far as invest in new homes and tech for their personal workspaces even. Having the right tech will help in all these aspects. Investing in new technology for the New Year will not only improve the office but their employees and management as well. After all, technology was made to make life easier.

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