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General privacy policy

Coolpo supports the protection of consumer privacy on the Internet and the principles of disclosure and fair information practices. Your online privacy is a priority. Coolpo respects your privacy choices. If you share personal information with Coolpo, the information will be treated according to this policy. Coolpo encourages you to read this privacy policy and those of all web sites you visit. 

Personal data we collect about you

to identify you, either directly or in combination with other information that we possess. Your personal data may include for example your name, your contact details, information relating to purchases or information on how you use our websites and apps or how you interact with us. We collect personal data from you, for example when you use our websites and our apps, use our services or contact us.

Collection of personal data

Personal data is collected either directly from you, such as through the product registration process, the employee application process or other processes where you allow Coolpo to collect, process and store your information, or data is collected from you via partner entities or subsidiaries where you have provided them with consent. E.g. when ordering products on the payment process is done by a 3rd party specialized in these transactions. Only data used to forward you the products you paid for is forward to us. Personal data could also be collected from third parties which may include LinkedIn and Facebook. Finally, data could be collected without your knowledge, such as device-specific information (your mobile devices unique device ID or Lap-top id, the type of device you use, the IP address of your device, Bluetooth name, Bluetooth MAC address and your operating system). The purpose of collecting this last category is to optimize headset sound as well as provide you with the best possible user experience when visiting our sites.

Coolpo does not intentionally collect personal data from anyone under the age of 16. Nor do we entice children to divulge any personal data, by means of special prizes or games. Coolpo web site visitors must be at least 18 years old to participate in any Coolpo sponsored on-line contests or giveaways. Coolpo encourages parents to participate actively in their children’s Internet experience. If Coolpo learns that the company has obtained personal data pertaining to a child under the age of 16, the information will be deleted from the database.

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