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                       COOLPO AI HUDDLE PANA

360°, All-in-One, USB-only, Video Conference Camera for Hybrid Classrooms

The Pana is an AI-based 4K conference room video camera that highlights active meeting participants by their movement and sound. You can rest assured of better meeting experiences because of the security it provides. It has no Bluetooth or WiFi connections that could compromise your meeting. This huddle camera uses our very own Meeting Flex Technology to stitch together a panoramic display of the room. Integrated into the sleek design are four smart microphones, a 360 conference camera, and an all-surround speaker. The Pana is a video conference camera for Teams, Zoom, WebEx, and more!

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Reliable, Secure and Easy to Use

  • 360 Conference Camera

  • USB-only, conferencing with peace of mind

  • Plug and Play

  • Active Motion Tracking

  • Four Smart Microphone array



  • Hybrid learning requires more high-tech settings and technical support, we are here to ease the process. 

  • We believe each student in class (remote/on-site) deserves equal attention, we are here to make it happen.

  • We believe educators are meant to dedicate on teaching, not to spend time dealing with classroom equipment, and we are here to lessen the work load.



All you need to know about hybrid learning.



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